[Staff Assembly] Casino Night 2011 is two weeks away! - May 5, 2011

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Thu Apr 21 15:27:02 PDT 2011


Dear Colleagues,

Casino Night is two weeks away!  Have you purchased your pass yet?  Passes
purchased through our website
<http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/events/casino-night/>  will receive two extra
raffle tickets! Don't miss out on this highly anticipated event and help
raise funds for UCLA staff development.  Staff Assembly is also accepting
applications and nominations for our 2011-12 scholarships and awards
<http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/awards/>  as well as our spring quarter
Breakfast with the Chancellor
<http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/events/breakfast> .

2011 Casino Night Passes Details:
Passes are $15 each or two for $25 and includes 2 drinks, light
refreshments, and $100 worth of playing chips. Guests who purchase their
passes online will receive two extra raffle tickets at the door.

Poker Tournament details:
To register for our poker tournament, you must purchase a Casino Night pass
and must do so by Friday, April 29, 2011.  The entry fee for the tournament
is $20.

Click here <http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/events/casino-night/#Vendor>  to
see our past photos and learn more about our Casino Night.  I hope to see
you on May 5th!

Gerard Au
President, UCLA Staff Assembly
Senior Delegate, Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)
staffassembly at ucla.edu


April 4 - May 6
Staff Assembly Scholarship and Awards Application

Visit http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/awards for more information

Thursday, May 12
Breakfast with the Chancellor
Visit http://staffassembly.ucla.edu/events/breakfast for more information

May 2 ­ May 31
Staff Assembly Executive Board Election
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