Minneapolis Taxicab Controversy

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Thanks very much!  This is good to know.  Our piece on Muslim religious liberty in the federal courts was accepted at the Iowa Law Review on Friday, so it has a home now.


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Here is what I have learned about the Minneapolis cab controversy.  According to the civil rights leader I spoke with, the controversy started because of the fatwa referred to below. After it came out and cabdrivers began to follow it, other imams in the Twin Cities came out with opinions indicating that it was not forbidden to carry passengers with alcohol.  (Sounds like a federal court split-in-circuits type dustup:)   Most of the cab drivers followed the other imams' opinions and kept working under the MAC "must carry" rules.  The leader said that she had not recently heard anything regarding the legal action.

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Marty, the fatwa is described in the following Star Tribune article, http://www.startribune.com/local/11586646.html (which also reports one local well-respected imam's opinion that carrying a disability service dog should not pose a problem for Muslim cabdrivers.)

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