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I assume Paul meant "on school teams," and not "no school teams."


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I have known many non-Catholics who attended Catholic schools. I assume they
could play no school teams. When I lived in Tulsa a number of Jews attended
Catholic schools because they were more respectful of Jewish religious needs
(holidays) etc.than some of the public schools which sometimes acted as if
they were evangelical schools including giving extra credit for prayer at
the flagpole. 

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" the Maccabiah Games feature only Jewish athletes."


Nope.  See http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3111132,00.html


It's open to all Israeli citizens without regard to religion, and to Jews
who are not citizens (presumably because they have an automatic right of
citizenship, although I don't know that for a fact).


I'd also be very, very surprised if many "Catholic Leagues" exclude
participants based on religion; perhaps they're confined to certain church
teams, or students from Catholic schools, etc. -- but an actual personal
religious test for individuals?  


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There is significant precedent for one-religion sporting events, which I
assume everyone agrees is fine.    Catholic Leagues exist in numerous cities
And  the Maccabiah Games feature only Jewish athletes.  


TAPPs' first mistake appears to have been opening itself up to religious
organizations with different religious needs and demands.  




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