Apropos Sherbert v. Verner

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Cynical answer: doesn't matter, God will provide either way.

Another question: If reproductive decisions are held to be private
decisions for each individual to make, then why does the cost or
consequence of that decision not fall to the individual to bear?  Unless a
case can be made that the choice is not free, why does giving a person the
choice to order one's human and sexual relationships in a way that have
costs because of the nature of human biology imply that that cost must be
borne by others?

Joseph Ganahl.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 3:40 PM, Volokh, Eugene <VOLOKH at law.ucla.edu> wrote:

> A question:  Say that an employee believes that God wants him to move
> across country to be near his family, which needs his help.  He quits his
> job, moves, but can’t find a job where his family lives.  Should he be seen
> as constitutionally entitled to unemployment compensation?****
> ** **
> Eugene****
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