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Douglas Laycock laycockd at umich.edu
Wed Mar 3 10:52:55 PST 2010

John Witte, at the Emory Center for the Study of Law and Religion, had the idea of collecting all my writings on religious liberty in a single book or set of books. The principal goal was to make those writings accessible to the religious community and others who do not subscribe to Westlaw or work near a major law library. I hope that it will also be useful to legal readers.

The full set is titled Religious Liberty. It will come out in  four volumes, reasonably priced in paperback. Volume I, Overviews and History, is now available at Eerdmans.com and at Amazon.com.  Links below.

The volume includes major law review articles; it also includes other writings that are harder to find, even if you do subscribe to Westlaw or work near a major law library. And it includes a detailed index (38 pages), which is not available anywhere else.

Whether or not you want your own copy, I hope that you will recommend it to your librarian. I think this set belongs in major law libraries, but Eerdmans is a religious publishing house, and its marketing budget is tight, so it may not have the knowledge or means to effectively market to law libraries.



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