Quotas for tax exemption?

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  What about state or city?

   I remember a period under the Beame administration when the Finance 
Administration went on a rampage, looking for excuses to yank everybody's 
exemptions (including the Swedenborg Foundation and the New York 
Theosophical Society). That is also when they tried telling the major 
museums that they were not "educational" because they don't give classes.

At 10:52 PM 10/21/09 -0400, Douglas Laycock wrote:

>As Don Clark said, there is no minimum size for a 501(c)(3) 
>organization  And ministers have no right to sue over discharge; the whole 
>point of the ministerial exception is that churches have absolute 
>discretion over who their minister will be.  The courts are in no position 
>to second guess that decision, and they have refused to do so.
>Quoting Will Linden <wlinden at panix.com>:
> >   Well,  I am bringing up our church's troubles again. The
> > dysfunctional minister has been discharged under the termination
> > clause, and left frothing at the mouth and vowing to be revenged on
> > the whole pack of us.
> >
> >    One of the wrinkles in the latest round of "Telephone" has him
> > claiming that we have to maintain a minimum number of members or lose
> > our tax-exempt status. (Of course, this raises the question of what
> > in vastation HE was doing about it during his tenure.) Is there
> > anything to this, or is he just blowing smoke? Is there some clause
> > in the !$#@!$! New York Religious Corporations Act which could come
> > around to bite us? (Again).
> >
> >  Will ("Organized religion? I'LL give them organized religion!") Linden
> >
> > 
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