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               Dear Colleagues:  For the fourth edition of my Academic Legal Writing book, I'd like to include an entire student-written article - with comments (in the margins or in between paragraphs) on my part - to use as a good example for readers.  To be optimal, the article should be (1) very well-written, (2) very well-reasoned, (3) 40 law review pages or shorter (shorter would be better), (4) preferably on a topic that readers would find interesting, and (5) written when the author was still a student (though it need not have been denominated a student Note or Comment).  I would also of course ask the author and (if necessary) the journal for permission to reprint and comment on the piece, and some of my comments will likely be a bit critical.  But my goal is to find an article that's so good that the criticisms will be very few, and most of the comments will be an explanation of why a particular paragraph or argument works well, not of why it doesn't.

               Can any of you recommend such an article?  It need not have been heavily cited, since here I'm looking for a piece that serves as a good model, not necessarily one that has been influential.  (The ability to have substantial influence is an important trait of a good student piece, but by no means the main trait, so a piece that got quickly but unforeseeably preempted, or a piece in a field in which there's comparatively little other writing, would be just fine despite its low citation count.)  Many thanks,

               Eugene Volokh
               UCLA School of Law
               (with apologies for cross-posting)
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