First amendment suit against AIG bailout

Steven Jamar stevenjamar at
Tue Dec 16 11:26:13 PST 2008

If that were true, wouldn't it be proper to dismiss it as no case or
controversy since the sponsor of the suit would in fact have no interest in
pursuing its best argument vigorously?

As I said, I'd be sorely tempted to make a rule 11 motion against the
plaintiffs in this one.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 1:31 PM, <ArtSpitzer at> wrote:

> I'm cynical enough to suspect that the Thomas More Center has no
> expectation of winning this case, but is hoping for broad language in an
> opinion that it can then use to beat back future Establishment Clause claims
> against its Christian clients.  Perhaps I'm too cynical.
> Art Spitzer
> Not speaking for the ACLU
> In a message dated 12/16/08 10:11:56 AM, laycockd at writes:
> The Thomas More Center seems to think the Establishment Clause means very
> little as applied to Christianity and more than anyone else can imagine as
> applied to other faiths.
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