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The problem is that school law (as it is typically denominated in schools  of 
education) is not a required course for pre-service teachers. My students are 
 all prospective administrators required to take it as graduate course. They 
all  (or virtually all) say that the course should be required for every 
teacher  before he or she graduates or is certified as a teacher or educator. Of 
course,  with the trend toward devaluing schools of education (in favor of 
content  specialization--at least for secondary school teachers), alternative  
certification, and the need to increase scores on high stakes tests, the  
likelihood that more colleges/schools of ed. would offer or require an  undergraduate 
course in school law is decreasing. By and large, my students are,  until they 
take my course (ahem--clears throat modestly) very unsure about how  
constitutional principles translate into real life situations. Sometimes, it is  a 
question of believing the law or the Constitution is as you wish it to be  rather 
than as it is. 
Frances  Paterson, J.D., Ed.D. 
Department of Curriculum, Leadership, and  Technology
College of Education
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA  31698-0090
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