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The really interesting aspect of this is the way in undermines religion for those who take it seriously.  Does this mean that IF there is a terrorist attack in KY that God no longer cares about Kentucky?  GW Bush was arguably the most religious president to ever sit in the office; lof of good it did us on Sept. 11.
This reminds me of when I first moved to Oklahoma, in the summer of 1999; there was a serious drought in the state. The Governor did not ask the people to conserve water or stop washing their cars or watering their lawns every day. Instead, he asked everyone to reserve the following Sunday to "pray for rain" at their church.  I suppose that exempted Jews, Seventh Adventists, Moslems, and some others from worrying about the problem
Alas, it also gave of fabulous proof of the efficacy of prayer.  They all prayed on Sunday and guess what --
It did not rain for weeks or maybe even months.
So much for the power of prayer when the government tried to commandeer religion for its own political ends.  The Baptists -- of all faiths -- those who started with Roger WIlliams and were whipped and jailed in post-Revolutionary Virginia -- should have the good sense NOT to corrupt their faith by allowing politicians to score points.  

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