Religious freedom and 42 USC 666

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Fri Aug 1 12:00:42 PDT 2008

I'm not even sure the necessary change would require an Act of Congress.   
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a statute's codification 
in the US Code is generally a part of the bill enacted by Congress. If you 
look at the Statutes at Large, you'll see the future codification in the margin, 
not in the text.   I think codification is just an administrative function.   

And I assume it would be sufficient for the father here if 42 USC § 666 were 
changed to 42 USC § 665a, so it wouldn't even have to be moved to a different 
position in the books.

Art Spitzer
Washington DC

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> Here, by comparison, the change is high-level (it requires a Congressional 
> act) but otherwise relatively cheap:  Copy 42 USC 666 to 42 USC 777.

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