Religious freedom and 42 USC 666

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        Perhaps this is indeed so on the facts of this particular case;
but I take it in a future case, there might be no tax refund to offset
this against, no?
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	It is worth noting that, although the opinion is a bit unclear,
the actual penalty imposed on Sherrod for failing to comply with the
lower court's order to send his child support payments to the state DHS
(in compliance with state laws required in turn by Section 666) appears
to be that he will have his federal income tax refund intercepted.  The
refund would be offset against the child support amounts he owes and
already agrees he should pay to his wife.  So arguably there's no burden
at all since he hasn't suffered any detriment for failing to cooperate
with the Section 666-inspired order.  And my guess is that intercepting
his tax refund is also more manageable for the government than changing
42 USC 666 to 42 USC 777 would be.  

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