Jesus Picture case

Ed Brayton stcynic at
Sat Oct 7 07:23:05 PDT 2006

Yesterday, both the ADF and Americans United put out statements 
announcing a settlement in the Harrison County, WV case involving the 
picture of Jesus in a public school hallway. Both sides basically 
declared victory. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of that 
settlement, or at least have more detail on what it actually says? They 
had it settled once before, but then the school put up a big mirror with 
a brass plate reading "To know the will of God is the highest of all 
wisdoms. The love of Jesus Christ lives in each of us." That's obviously 
even more problematic than just the picture was, so negotiations 
apparently restarted. Anyway, since I don't think you trust press 
releases to tell the truth, especially when both sides are claiming to 
have gotten what they wanted, I'd like some details on the actual 
settlement if they're available.

Ed Brayton

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