Victory for Military Chaplains Who Pray "In Jesus Name"

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Mon Oct 2 07:13:45 PDT 2006

Having lost this debate on its intellectual merits, Mr. Finkelman resorts to personal attacks on my character.  
  Yet I agree with him on one point, that pride is a terrible sin, so I shall here endeavor to humbly practice Proverbs 27:2:  "Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips" lest I appear to toot my own horn.     
  84% of the Sailors on my ship agreed, "the command chaplain cares for all denominations, regardless of faith or belief.  
  94% of Americans supported me during my hunger strike, and only 6% supported the Navy's position, in this poll:
  85% of Americans supported my position on the issue of letting chaplains pray in Jesus name, in this poll: 
  Ultimately, even public opinion is secondary to God's opinion, and if I have pleased Him then I am justified.  
  But having lost this NATIONAL debate, the anti-Jesus crowd was properly rebuked by the American public (who is decidedly pro-Jesus), and so the Navy and Air Force were ordered by Congress to respect public opinion (and the Constitution), so freedom of religious expression was properly restored. 
  I don't mind the personal insults by Mr. Guinn and Mr. Finkelman, (I've been insulted by better men), but their lack of intellectual argument appears very much as "sour grapes."   
  Chaplain Klingenschmitt

Paul Finkelman <pfink at> wrote:
  Sounds very much like someone tooting his own horn? Is excessive pride
also a sin? 

One can only wonder how G-d will respond to someone who brags about his
work to make outcasts of gay members of the human family. Perhaps the
Chaplain should try marching a mile or two in the boot of a gay sailor
or soldier.

I am no expert on the chaplain's faith, but have spent a great deal of
my life studying religion and this is the first time I have ever heard a
Christian assert that praying fomr the Book of Psalms compromised a
Christian's faith.

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