Hindu groups sue state panel over textbooks

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Thu Mar 23 10:09:55 PST 2006

GetReligion (getreligion.org) has had repeated coverage of this and the 
role of *hindutva* nationalism in the matter, and of how representative the 
groups are of "Hinduism".

At 11:59 AM 3/23/06 -0500, you wrote:

>Interesting lawsuit developing in California. Full story at:
>Here are the four most relevant paragraphs:
>"The Hindu American Foundation's complaint, filed in Sacramento Superior 
>Court last week, claims the textbooks, as approved, violate state law by 
>portraying Hinduism in a way that is 'demeaning, stereotypical and more 
>critical than the presentation of any other religious tradition.'
>The group is asking the court to throw out the board's March 8 decision 
>and force it to rely instead on the recommendation of one of the board's 
>advisory committees, which in December approved a different set of changes 
>that two other Hindu organizations had requested.
>The complaint of the other group, California Parents for the Equalization 
>of Educational Materials, was filed in U.S. District Court on March 14.
>In its complaint, the group argues that the state board violated the First 
>and 14th Amendments by penalizing Hindu groups for their political 
>affiliations and adopting textbook changes that promote Judaism and 
>Christianity over Hinduism,"
>Allen Asch
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