Catholic Charities Issue

Nathan Oman noman at
Wed Mar 22 15:28:21 PST 2006

"I am not sure that we have a mirror here.  Gay people are trying to get out from under an oppressive regime the likes of which conservative believers have not had to endure - nor are likely to."

This just seems to muddy the issue to me.  Doug's claim is not that gays and conservative Christians have suffered comperable levels of oppression, but that both should be accord a space in which to work out their visions of the good free of collective coercion.  Furthermore, I think that it is a mistake for gays -- or any other oppressed minority -- to use the fact of their oppression to suggest that they get some sort of free pass on the basic commitments of philosophical liberalism, given that they are much more likely to persuade those who disagree with them by appeals to liberalism than by attacks upon it.


Nathan Oman

"It is a misleading cult that teaches that the remedy of our ills is to have the law give over, once and for all, the strivings of the centuries for a rational coherence, and sink back in utter weariness to a justice that is the flickering reflection of the impulse of the moment."  
                      -- Benjamin Cardozo

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