Zionist-Occupied Government

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Political correctness runs deep!

Here's an insightful article out of Mathaba, an Africa-based site.


'Zionist Terrorist Attacks'
Mathaba, Africa
Dec. 14, 2005
It's time to make more of our listeners and site visitors aware of how
vile, psychotic terrorist enemies of Freedom, Liberty and the American
way of life continue to try to damage our program and news service. 
The true nature of most Zionists who pretend to support freedom is
actually one of libel, slander, character assassination, terrorism and
death threats. These arch traitors to the Bill of Rights will stop at
nothing to take your freedoms away... especially if you dare to
question, ever so slightly, their carefully-constructed view of
'history' and propaganda, or present even the most modest alternative
viewpoint, facts or evidence contrary to their party line. They are
petrified that an open, honest investigation would be held to carefully
examine the facts of history - and their plots and schemes - which would
bring to light the enormity of the distance between their manipulative,
suspect and terribly conflicted version of 'history' and the FACTS.
These dark entities are past masters of using the identical, heinous,
tactics of Nazi Germany to hound and endeavor to destroy those who
disagree with them. They would not hesitate for a moment to fill trains
to US concentration camps, man *real* gas chambers and engage in
genocide on American soil. As we now know, the 'President' of the United
States thinks our Constitution is nothing but a "goddamned piece of
paper"...and so do the Zionist enemies of rense.com, The Jeff Rense
Program, and other seekers of truth and reality in our clouded, deadly
and troubled world. They are the enemies of all freedom-loving peoples
and will strip you of your Freedom of Speech and thought - and your
liberties - at their first opportunity. They will, if given the chance,
imprison you if you dare criticize their dogma or challenge their
viewpoints. They are at the root of evil on our planet. Their perpetual
efforts to pass so-called 'hate laws' in the Congress came close to
success again this year as they continue to seek to bring America firmly
under the heel of their fascist boots. Their 'hate law' measure failed
in the Senate...but they will be back again next year. The very idea of
imprisoning someone for his or her thoughts or beliefs is nothing less
than absolute INSANITY. Zionist agents and fanatics freely and
criminally accuse their targets of being "Nazis" while they themselves
utilize the very same techinques of the master Nazi propagandists to
condemn, defame, personally attack, and stereotype all those they fear
may oppose or question their tactics. Perhaps the most heart-breaking,
evil side of Zionism is how it hides behind - and unmercifully uses -
the great religion of Judaism...as if it were a some kind of blunt
instrument used to deceive, threaten and then to beat those who differ
with Zionism into submission.  Zionism has also cleverly hidden behind
duped and deceived Christian fundamentalists...who are, just now,
beginning to wake up to that fact - as are millions of Jews the world
over who have suffered terribly because of it. Tragically, they continue
to be used by expendable pawns in Zionism's vicious game of world
domination. Zionists come in all colors and sizes...there are Catholic
zionists, Jewish supremacist zionists, Christian fundamentalist
zionists, Communist/Socialist zionists, Fascist zionists and even
Atheist zionists. Their general goal, however, remains the same: the
geopolitical-industrial-media subjugation, domination and control of
Western society. That is why this site and program have supported such
heroic and courageous organizations as Jews Against Zionism and
countless, extraordinary Jews of great courage and vision. They KNOW
what the game is and they are devoted to unmasking the the truth and
freeing Jews of having to pay the price of Zionist manipulation. See:
http://www.rense.com/general54/thank.htm Zionists profoundly agree with
'President' Bush's statement about the Constitution being a "goddamned
piece of paper." We do not-- and we will continue to honor and protect
our Constitution and Bill of Rights for all Americans of all religions,
races and creeds. Above all, keep in mind Zionism is NOT Judaism. See:
http://www.ladah.org/article48.htm Here now, are a few of the multitude
of crucial facts all Americans must consider and keep in mind in these
dangerous and confusing times... * The USAF white paper on Zionist
Israel's thermonuclear blackmail of the U.S. is little-known but should
be read by every American. See:
http://www.rense.com/general35/isrnuk.htm * The fact that Zionist Israel
has never and will never be forced to repay one dollar of the
approximate one trillion in 'aid' US taxpayers have sent to the Zionist
state of Israel since it was 'founded.' * The fact that an heroic German
rabbi worked out a deal with the Nazi government in 1942 for the safe
passage of ALL Jewish people out of occupied Europe to Palestine for the
tiny sum of $2 million dollars. The rabbi sent an emissary to world
Zionist headquarters in Switzerland with the incredible news and made
the request. The Zionists said "NO" to their Jewish bretheren and said,
in essence, "Go home, you're not getting the money. Unless large amounts
of Jewish blood is spilled during the war in Europe, we won't easily be
able to set up our state of Israel after the war." That staggering
documentation was unearthed by several notable historians such as Jewish
scholars Lenni Brenner and Dr. Henry Makow, PhD. See:
http://www.rense.com/general31/zionist.htm and
http://www.rense.com/general36/colb.htm So, one might reasonably
ask...who is actually, ULTIMATELY, responsible for the 'Holocaust' in
WWII ...whatever, in fact, it actually was? The threat and terror
attacks on this program and site by Zionists and their dupes has not
slackened for years, and cover a wide range of tactics and
methodologies. Hiding behind Judaism, Zionists have used the shop-worn,
bogus charge of 'anti-semitism' for decades to try to destroy the lives
and reputations of innocent people who simply believe that we have a
birthright to hear ALL sides of any issue and to make up our own minds
about history and the events of our times. These tenets are also called
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of the Press and
Inquiry. We either have these freedoms...or we don't. There is no
partial Freedom of Speech, for example. Zionist Terror And Threat
Tactics Through their often clever, hate-filled, mentally-disturbed
psychopathic agents, sycophants and dupes, they have directly attacked
and threatened the management and executives of the radio stations and
networks which carry our program. They have also attacked and threatened
the commerical sponsors of these stations and their programs with local
and national 'boycotts.' They have even threatened the sponsors of our
program itself. Zoinist blackmail demands are simple: unless the station
terminates the program, that radio station and all of its sponsors will
be 'nationally-identified' as being 'anti-semitic' because they
broadcast our program. At one point, Zionist agents emailed us the
actual threatening form letters they send out to our stations and
sponsors, and then laughed and mocked us... saying "Just try to stop
us."  Zionism is a ruthless and highly-sophisticated enemy of
Freedom...and the American Constitution. These fanatics are the new
Brown Shirts, Orwell's thought police, and they don't stop at
mass-mailing threatening letters and emails to stations and
sponsors...they carry their brand of terrorism much further. Like over
the telephone. For example, three of our most popular monthly guests
(Alex Jones, Tim Rifat and George Filer) have all received telephone
calls from someone claiming to be our program 'producer' and said "Jeff
doesn't want you to be a guest on his program any longer, so you won't
be needed any more." Fortunately, these bogus calls were identified as
such immediately. However, the simple fact that the enemies of Freedom
are so afraid of the truth that they stooped to acts of impersonation
says a great deal. Zionist agents and sympathisers have also mounted an
intense and never-ending email attack -- smearing and slandering the
program, its guests and rense.com. They have even emailed hoaxed letters
allegedly from us to some rense.com visitors who have simply sent in
Comments to rense.com articles Zionists fear. In one such email, (and
there are phone calls as well), the sender pretened to be Jeff and told
the site visitor "never to email rense.com again." Another Zionist act
of terror occurred when our webmaster, James, received a death threat in
the middle of the night on his home telephone which had received a new,
unlisted number just that afternoon. How was his new number obtained?
The FBI is limited in what it can do. However, as some of you realize,
the vast majority of all US phone billing is done by Israeli
companies...so, powerful Zionists have instant access to essentially all
telecommunications data and information they want.  James had to acquire
the new unlisted number because of the harassing calls he had been
receiving from someone calling himself a 'nazi hunter.' The FBI was
brought in after the death threat and was asked how the new unlisted
number was obtained so quickly. The Agent replied that the individual
was a professional, that the threat was not a prank and should be
considered dangerous. This Zionist terrorist later also threatened the
life of another well-known webmaster, following him to Hawaii where the
Feds intercepted the man for questioning. But this partiular perpetrator
turned out to be a Canadian citizen and his rights to such attacks were
somehow protected. Canada has had the malignant Zionist yoke of 'hate
speech' laws on its soul for many years now, and apparently condones its
citizens committing crimes and making death threats against those they
personally, arbitrarily label as 'nazis.' Other vicious attacks have
been mounted against numerous program guests...nearly all of whom have
stood firm in the face of terrorism and come on the program as
scheduled. From public confrontation to email, they use every venue to
attempt to intimidate and generate fear. Here's an example of an email
Subject line from one zionist net terrorist and hate-monger: "NAZI Jeff
Rense touts modern day Dr. Mengele's belief that there was no
Holocaust." Not only does Jeff not 'tout' Mengele but he has never
doubted the Holocaust for a minute. He does question the total number
claimed to have been killed and other key contentions of the story, and
has called for open and serious academic, scientific investigations to
learn the truth and to lay the rumors to rest once and for all. For
example: Even after three years of the most INTENSE research beginning
at war's end, the US Army found NO evidence whatever of mass gassings
inside or outside of Germany. See:
http://www.rense.com/general69/gassed.htm and
http://www.rense.com/general69/evac.htm And then there is the official
1948 Red Cross report on Nazi camps, which found no evidence of mass
gassing. See: http://thunderbay.indymedia.org/news/2005/01/18220 No one
at rense.com is saying now or has ever said the 'Holocaust' never
happened. There is no 'holocaust denial' here. However, the above
realities demand a new and thorough public investigation of the
commonly-perceived - and widely-believed - dynamics of the 'Holocaust'
story and its many lurid claims. Furthermore, when the Director of
Archives of the Auschwitz state museum for 17 years goes on videotape
and admits the gas chamber shown to millions of tourists each year is a
hoax and was modified to pass for one by Stalin after the war ended,
serious problems emerge. See: http://www.rense.com/general53/aauz.htm
There is, unquestionably, an imposing body of evidence contradicting the
official Hollywood and popularly- accepted version of WWII which MUST be
seriously re-examined...something that Zionism cannot tolerate. Other
attacks on Rense radio guests include leaving threatening phone messages
on answering services. We have one such recording on file, and it was
immediately identified by James as the same criminal voice who
threatened his life in the middle of the night on his home phone.
Rense.com Columnists and contributing writers have also been threatened.
Columnist Judy Andreas recently wrote of current Zionist thug phone and
email terror threats and intimidation directed at her in an article
titled 'Calling Jude.' See: http://www.rense.com/general69/hd.htm See
also: 'Jewdyisms' http://www.rense.com/general59/jdis.htm The horrors of
Zionists and Jewish/Christian fundamentalist supremacists know few
bounds. They are the very fascist thugs and felons who are
de-constucting and destroying the American way of life. They are the
book-burners, the camp guards and staff, and the
executioners-in-waiting. We do NOT agree with George Bush that the
American Constitution is "Just a goddamned piece of paper" and we will
fight to preserve that hallowed and timeless document and our Bill Of
Rights without cessation. If you have not read the disclaimer at
rense.com, please do. And keep in mind 'journalism' is traditionally
supposed to report and present ALL sides and ALL voices of ALL issues to
allow the PEOPLE to decide for themselves. Sadly, today's mass media
corporate shill 'journalism' has all but totally abandoned these
historic precepts. We find censorship to be anathema to the American way
of life and are not afraid to read the words of Hitler, Hussein, Sharon
or anyone else. We believe devoutly that Americans are mature enough and
wise enough to be able to weigh issues from all sources and come to
their own conclusions. Zionists, on the other hand, are committed to
mass censorship, persecution, slander, intimidation, mind control and
ultimately seek a prison camp police state built upon the souls of our
Founding Fathers. Our views on the Holocaust and all other Holocausts
are well-known. We believe and continue to call for a full scholarly,
scientific investigation to find out exactly, precisely WHAT did happen
to European Jews, Gypsies, political dissidents, POWs and countless
others on the wrong side of the Nazi regime. Until that happens, we will
never know the full truth and will continue to be victimized by the
'Holocaust Industry' as depicted brilliantly in Prof Norman
Finkelstein's book of the same name. In the meantime, we will continue
to present major arguments, research and opinion from a myriad of
sources in an effort to bring you the full panorama of information
regarding many of the crucial events of the last century. NO, we do NOT
agree with everything we post on the site. Some of it is utterly
antithetical to our views. YES, we believe it is all worth reading. Know
your surroundings, understand the positions of those with whom you
disagree. Keep the dialogue and discourse free and open. And let the
truth fall where it may. One death is a holocaust in microcosm... and
one death is too many no matter what the religion or political beliefs
of the victim. We mourn the loss of ALL life EQUALLY and do not believe
any one group is 'chosen' over another. Nor do we believe American
taxpayers should fund museums to honor one group over any other which
has suffered losses in the multitude of genocides in this and the last
century. Nor do we believe US taxpayers should send money to a nation
that uses thermonuclear blackmail against us. You are urged to read the
above embedded reference urls carefully and thoughtfully.

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     I think you (Mr. Graber) appear to be unaware
that the term used was not a neutral "government
dominated by Zionists"; it was the specific phrase
"Zionist-Occupied Government".  This phrase was coined
by and is used exclusively by white-supremacist and
Neo-Nazi groups such as Aryan Nations, to refer to the
U.S. government, which they claim is completely
controlled by Jews.  They use the phrase
"Zionist-Occupied Government" with such frequency and
regularity that they have come to abbreviate it as
"ZOG".  These organizations claim that Jews are "not
white" (whether or not they physically appear
Caucasian) and that they are not only controlling
America and the world, but are "trying to eradicate
the white race" (sic) and must be stopped by any means
possible.  Many of these neo-Nazis are members of
"Christian Identity" churches, which have racism and
anti-Semitism as core parts of their theology (Eve
mated with the serpent to produce the "Jewish race"
[sic]), which they seek to spread evangelically.  

     In short, the "ZOG" phrase has nothing to do with
arguing the merits of Zionism (used in the way
ordinary people would use the word, that is to say, as
meaning a believer in the founding principles of and
right to exist of the State of Israel).  The use of
"ZOG", rather, indicates membership in, or at the very
least an affinity for the precepts of, certain
virulently racist and anti-Semitic groups which have
been linked to many violent crimes in the past few


--- Mark Graber <mgraber at gvpt.umd.edu> wrote:

> I confess to agreeing more with Eugene than Michael
> on this one.  First,
> one can equate, say Zionism with Nazism on various
> grounds without
> anyone taking offense.  Both are nouns, both are
> names for political
> movements.  This does not strike me as offensive,
> even though I am a
> Zionist who regards Nazism as evil.  And all I mean
> to say is that
> people ought to be as free on this list to make
> arguments that the
> American government is dominated by Zionists as they
> are to claim that
> the United States is a Protestant Empire.  Michael
> may even remember
> that, while finding all arguments for the former
> utterly unconvincing, I
> am fairly sympathetic with the latter.  The issue is
> strictly what may
> be said, not the truth value of assertions and, for
> better or worse,
> while I think "kike" clearly crosses the line, my
> line is not crossed by
> calling the U.S. Government "Zionist dominated,"
> however mistaken I
> think that may be, and however ghastly the history
> of that accusation
> has been.
> Mark A. Graber

> >>> mnewsom at law.howard.edu 12/13/05 2:48 PM >>>
> You are way off the mark, unless you mean to
> criticize the dominant
> school of American religious historiography,
> including people like
> Martin Marty and Sydney Ahlstrom, among others, who
> routinely referred
> to America as a Protestant Empire.  You don't think
> that I invented the
> term out of whole cloth, do you?  (By the way, as
> near as I can tell,
> the term fist appeared in the 1840s through the pen
> of Rev. Robert
> Baird, an American Calvinist preacher, in a book he
> wrote styled
> Religion in the United States of America, first
> published in Glascow in
> 1844.  Baird, for better or worse is reckoned by
> some as one of the
> founders of that historiography, a historiography
> that was dominant for
> well over a century.)
> Equating "zionist-occupied government" with
> "Protestant Empire" is
> unacceptable and I take great personal offense.  It
> is like equating
> Nazism and laissez-faire Capitalism, both being
> theories of political
> organization.  And it is equally offensive.

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