Zionist-Occupied Government

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"Neoconservative" is another code word for the Zionists (some Jews, some
Jewish-Christians) who dominate the US Government. They're
Israel-firsters. The dominant philosophy is Trotskyism.  Dominionists is
another term that covers those who put Israel first, as opposed to the
US of A.  A sure sign of an Israel-first is the use of hate-based words
such as "anti-semite" or "anti-Jew" or "anti-Israel" - those are all
terms of semantic terrorism used to silence criticism of Judaism, its
adherents or World Jewry, and US foreign policy when the someone
broaches the notion that Israel is a terrorist state.
In short, talk of "freedom" and "democracy" is not much different from
the "Jewish communism" of Karl Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, etc., all of who
were Jewish.  "Godless Communism" was always a misnomer.
To understand the fallacy of calling someone anti-semitic, it's helpful
to understand that "semitic" refers to a group of African-Asian
languages, not Jews or any religion. Arabic, Ethiopic, Hebrew are just 3
of several semitic languages.  Semantic terrorists who throw out the
hate-based word "anti-semitic" are simply engaging in an offensive
maneuver to stifle discussion.
These are good sites to explore:
http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/wvr.htm (When Victims Rule)
I suspect most people who are anti-Gentiles can explore the sites
without dislodging any bigotry.
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        The problem, though, is that the term "Zionist-occupied
government" does not just evoke a factual claim, true or untrue.  Nor is
it just an "accusation."  Rather, it is a specific anti-Semitic code
phrase, which originated with certain specific, radical, anti-Semitic
groups, and has, for them and others, a specific anti-Semitic meaning.
I can easily see an argument for allowing all forms of language into a
forum like this, including "kike."  But, if lines are going to be drawn,
then ZOG seems to me to be on the same side of the line as "kike."

        There is, of course, a larger conversation brewing here about
the relationship between literal meaning and contextual understanding.
But I'll let others pick up that baton if they like.


P.S.    After I pushed the "send" button, my Eudora e-mail program just
warned me that the term "Zionist-occupied government" might be considred
offensive, and that I should reconsider using it in my e-mail.  Aha.

Mark Graber wrote:

The issue is strictly what
be said, not the truth value of assertions and, for better or worse,
while I think "kike" clearly crosses the line, my line is not
crossed by
calling the U.S. Government "Zionist dominated," however
mistaken I
think that may be, and however ghastly the history of that accusation

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