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    Hmm; can a university really say that converting people to a belief
about gun control, or animal rights, or environmentalism is a "community
service," but a belief about following some religious moral code, and
some religious route to salvation is not?  Is the government entitled to
value persuasion to some such viewpoints more than persuasion to other
such viewpoints?

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Well, one might be a community service and the other not. Providing a
forum for and presentation of political discussion and viewpoints is not
the same as doing that for a particular religion. 


On Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at 03:41 PM, Volokh, Eugene wrote: 

    Seems to me hard to see how a university can give "community
service" credit for student speech advocating controversial political
viewpoints (presumably viewpoints of the student's own choice), but deny
credit for student speech advocating controversial religious viewpoints.
I recognize that the university might take the view that persuading
people to support gun control is a community service, but persuading
people to accept Jesus is not -- but I don't think it can discriminate
among student causes based on that viewpoint. 

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