Stomping out free speech

Wed Apr 14 17:40:22 PDT 2004

My understanding of the Dirkhising case is that the teen was killed because 
he was gay by one of two men that he sometimes engaged in sadomasochistic 
activities with.  If you felt the need to know more about the case, you could read 
affidavits from the bail hearing by going to  This would not qualify as a hate crime in many jurisdictions 
because he was killed by a homosexual.  And the facts and circumstances leave 
one with the impression that it is at least possible that the death was an 
unintended, tragic result of the kind of conduct, more typical in homosexual 
relationships, that common decency bars me from describing on this list, but 
evidence of which abounds.

Jim "Putting my foot in it now" Henderson
Senior Counsel
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