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Rick Duncan conlawprof at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 6 07:20:23 PST 2001

--- Steve Jamar <sjamar at LAW.HOWARD.EDU> wrote:
> Who is more in the liberal tradition?  C who thinks
> everyone
> but people who think about religion like C are
> damned to
> hell and who wants to instruct everyone in public
> schools
> about C's interpretation of religion. Or L who wants
> to have
> the state the hell out of the business of religious
> indoctrination and wants to let people believe
> whatever they
> want?

Neither C nor L are tolerant or in the liberal
tradition. C wants to use the public schools to impose
his religion on everyone and L wishes to use the
public schools to impose a secular perspective on

I would suggest that a third person, X, who supports
school choice and equal educational funding for every
child, is the most tolerant and the only one of the
three in the liberal tradition.

Cheers, Rick Duncan

"Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm."
    --President George W. Bush (quoting John Page)

"When the Round Table is broken every man must follow Galahad or Mordred; middle things are gone."  -C.S. Lewis

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