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Sat Feb 26 12:05:07 PST 2000

        The Vanderbilt law and divinity schools were kind enough to invite
me to give a talk about religious freedom this Friday, and I've put together
what is basically a 4700 word draft on religious exemptions, aimed at an
intelligent lay audience.

        My main thesis, taken directly from my "A Common-Law Model for
Religious Exemptions" article is that religious exemptions are a good idea
if done using state RFRAs, but not if done using a Sherbert / Yoder
constitutional mandate approach.  I've tried to present this in a way that's
both theoretically coherent and concrete, though query whether I've

        After finishing this up, I thought that it might be nice to publish
this (with a few changes) somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea where.
It's far too long and in any event too conceptual for an op-ed or a magazine
article; it's too layperson-oriented for a law review, and in any event it's
just an abridgement of my Common-Law Model article.  I thought that there
might be some publications that are focused on religion-related questions
that might be looking for material of this general genre, but I have
absolutely no idea which ones.

        So I thought that I'd run the question past the members of the list,
just in case you might know of some publications that might find this
useful.  It's quite possible that there are none, which is just fine; being
able to give this talk at Vanderbilt is pleasure enough for me.  Still, if I
can also get it out to a wider audience, I'd prefer that.

        I've put an HTML version of the talk up at; of course, I realize
that translating it from a talk into an article would require a bit of
change of voice here and there.
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