US Forest Service Influenced by Religion? Court Thinks Not

Will Esser willesser at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 12 06:55:21 PST 2000

In a case reminiscent of the attacks against school
boards for teaching the religion of secular humanism,
a logger's lawsuit against the US Forest Service on
establishment clause grounds was dismissed by federal
district court Judge James Rosenbaum as meritless.

"The loggers' lawsuit, filed last fall, claimed
followers of the philosophy of ``deep ecology,'' which
regards the natural world as sacred, were dictating
Forest Service policy.

That philosophy, the lawsuit maintained, amounts to a
religion. And that means the Forest Service has
violated the First Amendment prohibition on government
favoring or endorsing one religion over another, it

The loggers wanted open access to log national forests
unless the government could prove that they were
acting for non-religious reasons.  In dismissing the
case, Judge Rosenbaum discussed sanctioning the
loggers attorney for bringing such a meritless case.

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Will "You Mean There Might Be A Non-Religious Reason
Not To Log All The National Forests?!" Esser

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