Lemon and anti-Catholicism

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You're right on the mark here, I think.  As I remember the exchange, Black
merely asked Ball if nuns were employed at Pennsylvania's Catholic schools
and thus could be defined as teachers under the law at issue.  To me, this
doesn't seem especially lurid or inappropriate, but Ball felt that it was
freighted with sinister implications.

At 06:11 PM 9/9/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> Ball
>> was particularly bothered by Hugo Black's questioning during oral argument
>> in Lemon; he claimed that Black was "pruriently interested" in the role
>> played by nuns in Catholic schools.
>I recommend reading the transcript of the oral argument.  That is what I did
>when I was puzzled by Ball's remark.  The only thing I found inappropriate
>was Ball's characterization of Black's questions.  (As I recall, this came
>up once before on this list, and after the discussion went on for some days
>I sent an e-mail with the relevant portions of the transcript.)
>Robert J. O'Brien
>obrien at wvwc.edu

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