Tax Support for Schools

David Cruz dcruz at LAW.USC.EDU
Tue Feb 17 12:25:26 PST 1998

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Don Roberts wrote:

> [snip] so-called secular schools, and I've been
> on the local campuses and seen it, teach religion that I object to.  They
> teach my kids to worship demons at halloween, elves at Christmas and
> secularism the rest of the time.  [snip]

The public schools today in your part of Orange County, CA must be rather
different from those attended (for the most part--I attended a prestigious
but academically non-superior Catholic high school my freshman year) by
myself and my siblings in Yorba Linda, Placentia, and Anaheim.  Could you
please elaborate on how it is that they teach your kids to _WORSHIP_
demons and elves?

-David Cruz, USC Law (Cal.)

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