What is next in the Boerne case

Marci Hamilton Hamilton02 at AOL.COM
Fri Jun 27 17:45:31 PDT 1997

I was very surprised to read that Doug Laycock says the Boerne case will
proceed under the Free Exercise and Takings Clauses and that each of those
claims is quite strong.  I was under the impression that RFRA's supporters
believed that the Free Exercise Clause does not provide meaningful protection
anymore.  There is certainly no discrimination claim in Boerne.  Two of the
City Council members were members of the Church at issue.

In any event, despite the City's significant win at the Supreme Court, the
City has invited the Church to resume the negotiations that were proceeding
before the Supreme Court granted cert.  For the sake of the community and the
church, I hope everyone goes back to the table and solves their problems
amicably.  That, of course, is up to the local lawyers.

Marci Hamilton

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