Independence Hall

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Fri Dec 12 02:11:20 PST 1997

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<< I spoke this afternoon with the Legal Director of the ACLU's Philadelphia
 office.  His understanding is that the creche will *not* be displayed in or
 near Independence Hall, but in what is known as the "Lewis Quadrangle," about
 2 blocks north of Independence Hall, near the federal courthouse.  The Lewis
 Quadrangle is a public forum.  Rallies are held there, and a large Chabad
 menorah has been displayed there in recent years during Chanukah, and will
 presumably be there again this year. >>

Thanks to Art for the reminder that the facts often get in the way of a good
controversy.  All the better for peace, if that's the sort of thing you like
(I prefer it!).

Ed Darrell
Dallas, Texas

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