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<<Recently, having received a jury summons, I was given a jurior information
card. The card ask for information about a host of things including
"Religious Preference," then gave about a half an inch line to fill in the
blank. Since no jury actually called I didn't have to decide want to do but
it raised several questions? 1) could a judge hold me in comtempt for
refusing to answer the question, 2) could I request an appendix to state my
views (mine would probably take several pages), and 3) why would anyone want
to know this information?

If there are any court cases on this issue I would love the cite. Also if
anyone out there has any thoughts or information on this I'd like to hear

I was called for jury duty once in So. Fla. and I filled out the forms , but
the incident that happened to me was after I was in court the judge asked if
any of the jurors had a religious objection to serving.  The question to me
seems to possibly be another means of asking prior to going to the courtroom?

Jim Pribble

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