UCLA Rally Committee rallycom at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 7 17:43:14 PDT 2004

Hey guys:

This is just a final reminder for all of you that signed up for the
Arizona game that we will be meeting at the Rally Committee office this
saturday morning by 9:30.  It is very important that you show up by that
time, due to the buses leaving EXACTLY at 10am.  SO DONT BE LATE.  We
will be working as guides for the "I'm Going to College Day", super easy
job and wont take up much of your afternoon.  You get a free shirt, lunch
voucher, and admission to the game.  We are also doing a card show and
setting up for that as well.  PLEASE SHOW UP IF YOU SAID YOU WOULD!!
Also, if you really want to go up to Cal, even just for the ride, we need
a final head count by this Monday.  We also have to pay for the tickets by
then, $18/person.  So if you can get us that cash/check...do it by this
Saturday, if not you need to email us and tell us when you can drop it
off by the 11th.  See ya at the work party/game!!!

Rally Committee Officers

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