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	Site: Neutrogena Corporation, Health & Wellness 
	Los Angeles, California

	The Southern California Campus includes four Johnson & Johnson
Companies: Neutrogena, Biosense Webster, Advanced Sterilization Products,
and Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Inc.  The internship will
include opportunities at all four sites, with the office located at
Neutrogena Corporation in Los Angeles (near LAX airport). The Campus has
approximately 1,800 employees and offers a diverse culture in which to gain
health promotion experience.

	Part time internship positions available year round to qualified
candidates seeking practical experience in corporate health
promotion/wellness programming.  Interns will assist in wellness program
development and implementation, program promotions and marketing, program
tracking and evaluation.  

	Applicants for an internship must possess:
	*    Working knowledge of health education and/or exercise science
(and/or pursuing a degree in health/fitness) 
	*    Excellent verbal and written communications skills
	*    Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks
	*    Strong team player/Customer focus
	*    Reliable, flexible, enthusiastic, and willing to learn

	Internships are available on a part time basis and interns are
awarded a stipend based on performance upon completion of the internship.
Internship periods range from 3-6 months, but negotiable. If you are
interested in the internship, please email or fax a cover letter and resume.
Please state your availability in your cover letter:

	For more information, contact: 
	Julie Chobdee
	Neutrogena Corporation, Health & Wellness
	5760 West 96th Street
	Los Angeles, CA 90045
	(310) 337-6819   
      FAX (310) 337-6859    EMAIL: Jchobde at neuus.jnj.com

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