[Oradlist] Source for statement (Sharon Brook and Dario Cavallini Francolini)

Roberto Molteni robertodocmolteni at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 13:04:32 PDT 2012

So the source for that statement ("Children have a 3-5 times larger
radiation-induced cancer mortality risk than adults (ICRP1991)") indeed
comes from the ICRP 1990 Recommandations . as I had suspected and hinted in
my immediately-prior posting, although I haven't able to find it explicitly
stated by browsing through the 200-pages booklet. Nonetheless, table B9 of
ICRP 1990 recommandations (which report the BEIR V data) may be constructed
as to support that statement.

However . please note that the ICRP 2007 Recommandations have significantly
revised the overall estimations of risk with respect to the 1990
Recommandations, but the issue of whether and how the children vs. adult
response should also be revised, is not addressed (which is kind of strange,
given the additional amount of data available at the time of the last
Recommandations, e.g. from the Chernobyl cohort).




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