[Oradlist] Asymptomatic 42 year old female

Leif Kullman leikul at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 03:24:19 PST 2011

Dear oradlisters......yes a very interesting case, but to me the used terms are confusing.

Do you really call this a PCOD? I thought multiple lesions were common in PCODs.

Is it not better to call this one a sort of  cementoma?

 attach another case I had this week, unfortunately do I only have 
access to CBCT pictures. This is a female, 25 years and causasian. The 
first premolar in first quadrant
was operated and laid bare some time ago and an orthodontist started to pull it down.

 they couldn't move it and as you can see I found hypercementosis or 
what I called a benign cementoblastoma or even better true cementoma. 

Thankful for your comments! 
More pictures in next mail!


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I agree with Alan. I think this is a case where we can see the development of the cemento-osseous dysplasia. We can see, first, a largely radiolucent lesion, clearly of periodontal ligament origin, then gradual calcification, but, in this case the calcification seems to begin at the periphery, rather than the classic appearance of it beginning in the centre. As I always reminded my students "Lesions do not read textbooks." Some of them will not follow textbook patterns.


Any other opinions?


Thank you for sharing the images.



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Dear colleagues,

The patient came to our radiologic center with a previous diagnostic of a periapical cyst in tooth 35, asymptomatic, X-rays taken for orthodontic routine planning.   This original diagnostic was immediately discarded, because imagenologic appearance and positive vitality test.    Old X-rays were retrieved for comparison purposes.   Your opinion will be very helpful.    

Images will be in this email and a following one because the size of files.
Dates are in DD, MM, Year format.
From sunny Santiago, ( City of XX world congress of IADMFR in 2015)
Dr. Andres Briner
OMFR radiologist

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