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I also have the book.  It is a fantastic reference.

Gayle Reardon

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I have had it for several weeks - ordered it at the ADA.  I agree - it is outstanding!
Brad Potter
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Just ordered from Amazon. $295 including standard shipping.
Congratulations, Lisa and the team!

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Today I received my copy of the brand new book by Lisa Koenig and colleagues (Dania Tamimi, Ric Harnsberger, Pete Benson, David Hatcher, Grace Petrikowski, Axel Ruprecht, Margot Van Dis, Susanne Perschbacher - listed in the order as on the cover page). 


Diagnostic Imaging: Oral and Maxillofacial (ISBN 978-1-931884-20-4) from Amirsys, ordered through LWW.com (actually their toll free number 1-800-638-3030). This is another in the wonderful series published by Amirsys, with over 2300 illustrations in the print version (and more online), including graphics, standard dental images, CT, MRI, the works. There are sections on anatomy, diagnoses, and differential diagnosis. Good coverage of structures outside the oral cavity proper, including cervical spine, base of skull, sinuses and nose, and suprahyoid neck.


I had a chance to see the book at the ADA meeting and picked up a paper with an offer of 10% off, valid until November 30. Since neither the ISBN number of the book nor a "code" for the discount was listed on the paper, I couldn't order it online. The toll-free number worked, however.


Standard price is $339, with discount was $305.10 plus shipping and sales tax. Worth every penny!


My congratulations to Lisa and her colleagues for a wonderful book. I know I will be pulling it off my bookshelf very frequently as I'm reading my CBCT scans.




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