[Oradlist] anatomy question - bilateral expanded maxillary antra

Abramovitch, Kenneth Kenneth.Abramovitch at uth.tmc.edu
Tue Dec 21 10:38:54 PST 2010

In my experiences, I have seen this degree of anterior extension of the
maxillary sinuses to appear inferior to the nasal fossa on many occasions.
This degree of extension can also be noted on panoramic examination.   


K. Abramovitch

Houston, TX



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Dear OradFriends, 


In attachment an anatomical question for you. As you can see this patient
has bilateral bulging maxillary antra, which come together at the midline
under the floor of the nose. I have never seen such thing. Have you? 

This scan was made for implantology purposes.


Kind regards from a white Belgium, 


Happy New Year to you all!!



Prof. Dr. Johan K.M. Aps 
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