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Dear Allan

I agree with Johan, I think something is growing in area 45. Maybe à benign odontogenic tumor. I think you might have access to à CBCT? Perhaps you could make an exam with tjat unit?

Best regards Leif Kullman
Kuwait University

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On 1 Apr 2010, at 12:33, "Johan Aps" <johan.aps at UGent.be> wrote:

Dear Allan,
Looking at the contralateral side and looking at the developmental stage of the other premolars, one can say there is agenesis of the 45.
But what bothers me is the radio-opaque line distal of the 44 tooth germ, which is "suggestive" of an expanding lesion under the 85.
I see some kind of septae also in this region (? ameloblastoma, ameloblastic fibroma, odontogenic myxoma ?) - although one cannot speak of a radiolucent lesion here. But the patient's age is right.
I suggest an occlusal (90°) radiograph, to see if there is some kind of expansion to the lingual or buccal cortex.
I agree that the root resorption of the 85 is "unusual" in the case of agenesis of the 45.
I look forward to further information on this  child.
Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Johan K.M. Aps 
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I'll share with you this interesting case of agenesis of tooth # 45. Male patiente, 8 years-old.
Highlight the early resorption of the distal root of tooth # 85.

 I am awaiting feed back from the dentist and a periapical radiograph.

Best regards

Allan Abuabara
joinville, sc - Brazil
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