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Dr. Farman,
There are two issues that I feel should be addressed in this activity to  
develop guidelines for diagnostic imaging in Orthodontics:
1. The two dozen or so standard orthodontic analysis that have been used  
for years to project growth during orthodontic treatment are all based on 2D  
imaging.  Does this now translate in a reliable form when using CBCT and 3D 
2.  Also, the volume needed for orthodontic information with CBCT is  very 
large.  Caution should be addressed with large volume and the  liability for 
the information in these scans.
These issues might already have been addressed, if not, they should be  
What is your opinion on this?
Steve Desch
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One of  my first actions as the new President of AAOMR has been to contact 
AAO to set  up a joint activity to develop guidelines for use of diagnostic 
imaging in  Orthodontics. The AAO responded positively to this joint 
initiative. Dr.  Mansur Ahmad is the newly appointed AAOMR Position Paper Editor 
and will be  setting up the task group for the AAOMR component of this 
activity. Use of  CBCT in Ortho will be one of the issues to be addressed. The 
AAOMR anticipates  several new position papers on a variety of topics will be 
developed and that  existing guidelines will be updated. These activities have 
been designated as  very high priority by the AAOOM Executive Council.

Allan G. Farman,  
President AAOMR (2009-11)

Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, DSc,  Diplomate ABOMR

Prof. Radiology & Imaging Science
Univ.  Louisville School of Dentistry: SUHD
501 South Preston  Street,
Louisville, Kentucky 40292, USA 

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>>> "Friedland, Bernard"  <bernard_friedland at hms.harvard.edu> 10/28/2009 
10:51 AM  >>>
I'm sure many of you have seen the attached (it's a  give-and-take from the 
March issue of Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop). For  those of you who 
haven't read it, I thought you would find it  interesting.

Bernard Friedland, B.Ch.D., MSc., J.D.
Department  of Oral Medicine Infection & Immunity
Harvard School of Dental  Medicine
188 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
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