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I seem to remember reading in a book many years ago that these were available around 1912 in the USA. AGF

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Dear all,
In the dental museum of University Museun in Utrecht, The Netherlands, they do have an ones of these mirrors (including the original box) on display. Actually, the diameter of the ``mirror`` is slightly bigger than the one of Douglas. 
I doubt that these stil lwere in use in the 1950s.
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ORADlisters in general and Douglas Benn in particular--

The device you pictured is a mouth mirror with the glass replaced by a
phosphor screen.  It was typically called an intraoral fluoroscope.
Apparently some dentists were using them in the 1950s.   I can vaguely
remember a class discussion at Emory with Dr. S. P. Vail (an early member
of AAOMR) warning us not to use them.  I also vaguely remmbr an
illustration in an old dental radiology textbook.

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