[Oradlist] Cervical Burnout and Mach Band effect in IO digital Radiographs

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Mach band has nothing to do with the imaging system, It is a lateral inhibition effect in your eye/brain. I believe that Ernie Lam had found an interesting paper on this a few years ago.  Ernie?

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Hi Everybody,

We are in the process of embarking on a project on Cervical Burnout and Mach Band effect in IntraOral digital Radiographs. Before we start we thought of floating the idea on this forum. Does anybody have any experience on this topic? Should Cervical Burnout and Mach Band efeect be seen on IntraOral digital Radiographs, any explanations for your views?

Cervical burnout being a anatomic phenomenon and Mach band effect a optical illusion should remain unchanged be it analog or digital radiograph- is our take.

Dr. Kaustubh Sansare,
Associate Professor,
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology,
Nair Hospital Dental College,

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