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Allan G Farman agfarm01 at louisville.edu
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The University of Louisville is presently also having a complete makeover of its Dental Clinics. I would appreciate also receiving the information sent to Axel Ruprecht... also independent of ORADLIST at agfarm01 at louisville.edu. Information from vendors would be appreciated as well as from colleagues in academe and practice.

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>>> "Ruprecht, Axel" <axel-ruprecht at uiowa.edu> 2/6/2009 1:00 PM >>>

The College of Dentistry is planning an extension to the building and subsequent remodeling of the existing facilities. As part of this there will be new x-ray units, both for the extension  and to replace old ones that would not survive the transition.

Trishul Allareddy and I are about to look at which units are available, and which ones we would want. Most likely we  would want constant potential units, but I am a bit open on this, at least at this point.

Does anyone have any recommendations, positive or negative, based upon your own recent experience?

In order not to clutter up the oradlist, and so that you can say what you think, please send the responses to me at

axel-ruprecht at uiowa.edu<mailto:axel-ruprecht at uiowa.edu>

Thank you in advance.

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