[Oradlist] Anatomic structure? Pathology?

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I have no knowledge of what "known" anatomic entity this could be.  However, my inference is that since this structure has the exact same appearance as the lingual canal/lingual foramen complex within the genial tubercle (in the mandibular symphysis), then it does appear to be a neurovascular canal; but probably an anomaly of some kind.

Ken A.

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Hello, Friends

I am attaching some images from a CBCT scan I did yesterday for some expert opinion from my colleagues. You will notice what looks like a narrow canal in the anterior maxilla, probably in the canine region (patient is edentulous there). However, I am not aware of a normal anatomic canal in that location and I could not find a matching one on the right side. The nasopalatine canal was in its normal location in the midline, although it was not much wider than this one.  I did not check for drainage from it when I had the patient in because I did not see it until after she left. However, the patient is a retired dental assistant who is pretty savvy and she did not mention any problems.

Any thoughts?

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