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Dear Phrabha,

The first thing we need to do is to exclude serious disease, as is  
clearly understood from your request.
While the majority of cases of monostotic FD do not cross the midline,  
some do and to a substantial extent. In all cases of suspected FD  (as  
I have already suggested) check out the rest of the skeleton as it may  
be part the polyostotic form. (The Albright-McCune Syndrome patients  
are most frequently identified by child health and family doctors post  
natally and in their infancy and therefore unlikely.) As you already  
have a CT of the face and Jaws an important area to check is the skull  
base as FD affecting this region if still active can threaten vision.  
The polyostotic form is also associated with an increased likelihood  
of sarcomatous change.
Any up-dated images and/or history would assist in assisting you  

Hoping that this helps you!

Kind regards,

DavidDr David MacDonald   BDS, BSc(Hons.), LLB(Hons.), MSc,  
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On 25 Sep 2008, at 01:37, phrabha at um.edu.my wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Attached herewith is a case of 12 year old child with a continuously  
> growing jaw. This case was referred to me for a opinion. I have  
> selected the  appropriate images, including  the CT images for your  
> perusal. Please assist so that I do not miss anything .
> Thanking you.
> Phrabha Nambiar
> Faculty of Dentistry
> University of Malaya, Malaysia
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