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Dear Dr. Rumpa:
I agree with Laurie and Dr. Brimer, it will be my choice, however, the decision of buying an equipment is not matter of opinions, I understand that you have experience with the OP100/200 series, that is a good start in your analysis, you need to also look the history to the company, what is comming, meaning research & development for our future in our profession, support, etc.  Instrumentarium imaging excels in all of the points mentioned above.  Please make sure to contact directly the company and possibly visit them, it is good to see what is behind the scenes and who are you are going to deal not only for this time but maybe in your near future.


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Dear Oradlist colleagues, 
I second Dr. Briner's comments. 
Laurie Carter 

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Re: [Oradlist] Pantomographic unit

Hi Rumpa, 
In my experience Instrumentarium (Finland) has the better image quali

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