[Oradlist] History of X-rays

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Axel et al.,


Here is another rendition of Roentgen's discovery via the TEXTRBOOK of
DENTAL RADIOLOGY by Francis Le Roy Satterlee ~1913.  It seems like there
is a bit of folk tale to every version!





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Thank you Bernard. 


Very interesting. As you may know I have a slide collection in the RCI
time capsule on the Hx of OM Radiology. I have had an interest in this
for many years. I never heard the Roentgen Pipe in Hand story. If true
it is interesting, but what did he have a pipe in his hand and pass it
through the beam.  Nonetheless, thank you. Very enjoyable reading, even
without the pictures.








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I though that the attached magazine article from the Harvard Medical
Alumni Bulletin (Spring 2008 Issue) may be of interest to the
readership, especially those interested in history.

The article can also be found at 

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