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bassam hassan b.hassan at acta.nl
Sat Nov 15 14:21:37 PST 2008

Well, actually you can get a fully fledged, fully functional web-based PACS
for free if you are brave enough to convert your people to MAC! This is the
Osirix foundation where they have the best open source DICOM client I¹ve
seen in years but it runs under MAC. You can get the PACS separately to run
under windows but it won¹t be as easy and as pluggable like what you would
get if you integrate it directly with Osirix.

You can find it here:


If you want this for a dental school, however, then simply forget about it.
The IT department will prefer to shut down the school on to upgrade windows
XP SP2 to something else.



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The Netherlands.

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On 11/15/08 7:18 PM, "Dania Tamimi" <daniatamimi at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm in the market for a web-based PACS and RIS that isn't super expensive, can
> be multiuser, and can serve the needs of an OMR. I thought I would ask here
> before browsing the vendors at RSNA next month.
>  Thanks,
>  Dania 
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