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Hi Dania:

If the chiropractor refers the radiographs for the evaluation of the entire
cervical spine and part of upper thoracic spine, they are more likely spine
series rather than a Ceph as the visualization of the spine via the ceph
positioning is not the best.
Moreover, adequate reporting can not be done with lateral views only unless
they are used to demonstrate kyphosis or loss of the normal lordosis only.
The diagnosis of cervical spine pathoses solely without the inclusion of
maxillofacial structures may fall outside of the practice of OMFR. We all
read and report the maxillofacial plain films and even CBCT and remark on
the status of the cervical spine as part of the entire evaluation, but not
the cervical spine solely.

If you are reading the Cephs for detection of maxillo-madibular deficiencies
and or pathoses along with comments on the visualized cervical vertebrae,
then you are probably practicing within the scope of OMFR.

Even Chiropractors are switching to CBCT these days and perhaps for a good


Mel Mupparapu
New Jersey Dental School
Newark, NJ

On 7/15/08, Dania Tamimi <daniatamimi at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Hello everyone,
>  I am hoping for a quick show of hands as to how many OMFRs:
> a) would consider reading cephs for a chiropractor (ie thorough evaluation
> of the entire cervical spine and part of the upper thoracic spine).
> b) have had such training incorporated into their practice.
> Also, would this fall into the scope of practice of an OMFR?
> These questions have arisen from a request by a chiropractor to interpret
> films for him. Although I feel confident of my knowledge of this area of the
> body, I'm not sure how it all plays out in the grand scheme (across
> dental/chiropractor boards lines).
>  Dania
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