[Oradlist] Who can take intraoral and panoramic radiographs?

Sharon Brooks slbrooks at umich.edu
Mon Jul 18 06:19:35 PDT 2005

In the USA this issue is one for each individual state to decide and 
thus there may be some variation in laws. In my state this is governed 
by the State Board of Dentistry, that has rules for what duties a 
dentist can delegate to auxiliary personnel. A dentist cannot assign 
taking radiographs to any person unless that person has taken a 
radiography course acceptable to the Board of Dentistry. Dental 
hygienists get such a course and clinical training during their 
educational program. Dental assistants can take a course through a 
college or via a home-study course provided by the Michigan Dental 
Association and then can legally take radiographs (intraoral, 
panoramic, or anything else done in the dental office). Several times a 
year I offer a 3-day course for dental assistants that meets the 
requirements of the board and thus the people who complete the course 
can take radiographs in the office where they work.

Sharon Brooks

On Jul 18, 2005, at 1:41 AM, Heo, Min-Suk wrote:

> Hi, Oradlisters:
> Recently, we have a lot of controversy in Korea about taking images 
> for intraoral and panoramic radiography.
> According to the Korean law, dentists, radiography technicians, and 
> dental hygienists are allowed to take images for intraoral 
> radiography.
> However, only dentists and radiography technicians are allowed to take 
> images for panoramic radiography.
> Could you inform or explain us what is your regulations in your 
> country about taking images for both radiographies?
> Also, can a person obtaining other license take the radiographs? 
> (nurse, assistant, aide ……)
> And I have one more question.
> Do you have any certain regulations for “portable x-ray equipment”?
> I am really appreciated if you give us your regulations in your 
> country.
> Best regards,
> Min-Suk Heo
> Information Communication Director, Korean Academy of Oral and 
> Maxillofacial Radiology
> Assistant Professor, Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, 
> College of Dentistry, Seoul National University
> Director of Hospital Information System, Seoul National University 
> Dental Hospital
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