[Oradlist] RE: Anterior Vertical Bite-wings

Thomas Schiff TSCHIFF at Pacific.edu
Fri Jul 15 15:41:21 PDT 2005

We at the Pacific do not use anterior bitewings for two reasons. one is
that it is not accurate  due to film bending and two becouse using the
parralleling technique the periapical films  are more accurate.
 Dr. Schiff.

>>> KThunt at lsuhsc.edu 7/15/2005 1:15:20 PM >>>

Dear Colleagues,
             Currently, the Louisiana Dental Hygiene State Board of
Dentistry requires our hygiene students to take "ANTERIOR" vertical
bite-wing radiographs for their licensing examination. In my opinion,
this is an erroneous technique. Next month I will be testifying before
the State Board of Dentistry to eliminate this requirement. I would like
to know if any other dental hygiene board requires anterior vertical
bite-wing radiographs on their licensing exam. Thank you! Kavas H.
Thunthy BDS, MS, MEd LSU School of Dentistry1100 Florida Avenue, Box
140New Orleans, LA 70119 email:  KTHUNT at LSUHSC.EDU Tel: (504) 670-2770 

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