[Oradlist] Dr. Goren's e-mail

Michael Shrout MSHROUT at mail.mcg.edu
Tue Feb 22 04:24:34 PST 2005

Art's email address is:  sag105 at aol.com

Michael K. Shrout D.M.D.
  Professor of Oral Diagnosis
  School of Dentistry
  Professor of Oral Biology
  School of Graduate Studies
  Medical College of Georgia
  Augusta, Georgia 30912-1241
Executive Director
American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  P.O. Box 1010
  Evans, Georgia 30809-1010

706-721-2607    FAX 706-721-6276    Web site: www.aaomr.org 
  E-mail:  MShrout at Mail.MCG.edu

>>> Feraso at aol.com 02/17/05 1:36 PM >>>
I am looking for Dr. A. Goren's e-mail.
Sorry for the inconvenience,

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