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Neill J Serman njs2 at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 7 06:33:05 PST 2005

The following question has been posed to me.

I am a PG Ortho student who is interested in investigating root
resorption in Orthodontic treatment for my master's thesis.  We
have a large sample of pts with pre-ortho and post-ortho digital
panoramic radiographs available.  However, we have come across some
issues regarding how to measure these panoramic radiographs.
Namely, we need a reliable method for determining whether the
panoramic radiograph is acceptable (ie. minimal
foreshortening/elongation in the anterior regions, posterior
regions are more accurate).  If you have any suggestions regarding this
matter, I would be grateful for any advice/comments.

I was wondering if there were any references for this method, or if it 
was written in a textbook/literature b/c we would like to investigate this 
matter as a possible way for us to standardize our sample criteria.

Replies will be appreciated

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