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Axel Ruprecht ruprecht at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
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There is, in general, no such distinction in Iowa. It is the user and 
the units that are regulated, but not as a linked entity. i.e. CT is 
CT and has code with it. Dentists are dentists, and have an act 
associated with them. But nothing that prohibits use of equipment 
that you are qualified to use. Is that muddles enough?


>Hi everyone,
>We were having a review of NCRP 145 with our residents and noticed that
>the maximum kVp for dental x-ray machines is limited to 100 kVp.  Many
>of the current cone beam CT machines fall outside this range.  They
>would therefore be classified as medical devices as I understand it and
>fall under state regulations for such devices (ie. Medical tech vs
>dental tech, physician oversight vs. dentist)  Am I interpreting this
>wrong?  Is this a problem or can dentists use CT machines in their
>office in your states? (not just order exams, but use and own)
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